[Mailman-Users] Digest Appears as Attachments -- How to change format?

Chris Calabrese chris at jazzpiano.com
Fri Feb 8 00:43:13 CET 2002

When a list member receives a digest, all of the messages in the digest are
separate attachments. This makes it really difficult to read through the
digest--you have to open each message individually, instead of scrolling
through the digest. (I'm using Outlook Express.) It looks like the digests
are multipart messages (and each message has complete headers). I found an
option in the list administrator page to make the digests "plain" or "mime,"
but switching from one to the other has no effect. The server is using qmail
(if that makes any difference).

Is there any way to get digests to appear as one long message in Outlook
Express, instead of each message as an individual attachment?

~ Chris Calabrese

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