[Mailman-Users] HTML formatting in digests

marina marina at reliance.it
Fri Feb 8 04:30:56 CET 2002

Dear Skip,

At 7:27 AM -0600 7/2/02 [dmy], Skip Montanaro wrote about [Subject] 
Re: [Mailman-Users] HTML formatting in digests:
  >    marina> Will the formatting of email messages in digests be fixed in
  >    marina> 2.1?
  >Sounds like your users have selected so-called "plain text" digests.  If
  >it's possible for them to use MIME digests, the problem should go away.
  >Some folks (like those using AOL I think) can't, however.

Thank you for your suggestion.

I'm not an AOL user, I use Eudora (and have been using it for over 7 
years), and I have changed my digest options to MIME, as suggested - 
but still, I keep getting plain text digests with all the garbage 
that currently comes with them.

I believe I do have some computer expertise, and some members on the 
list have computer science degrees (although they are outnumbered by 
newbies), but still haven't been able to get digests in a readable 
form. How can I expect to be able to explain what to do, to those who 
don't even know what plain text means??

Nearly all the members of our mailing list do not use AOL. The 
problem is not what email program Internet users use. The problem is 
the format of the digests coming from Mailman.

 From what I can gather, because this is not new, this is considered 
to be a low priority problem in the development of the software. 
However, most Internet users coming into contact with Mailman for the 
first time, who happen to select the digest option, experience 
Mailman for being messy and hard to read.

This is not good for promoting the use of Mailman, despite all the 
wonderful things that it does internally - which unfortunately they 
aren't able to appreciate.

We have many people often complaining to us, and wanting to know why 
we don't move to Yahoogroups, which "is much easier to use and read", 
they say. This is the marketing pression we get bombarded with, and 
we would like to know what we can tell them about what's happening in 
the future about this problem, because we really believe that Mailman 
is fundamentally a wonderful product, and we want to see it survive 
and thrive.

Many thanks for your help,


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