[Mailman-Users] backing up pending administrative requests

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Fri Feb 8 20:03:34 CET 2002

> Out of the current ~500 or so lists, I have around 6 that have
> pending administrative requests.  I can get info out of a dump of
> request.db, but I'm not sure what it means, and what will break if I
> don't treat them differently from the ones without pending requests.
> Where is the info mentioned from the request.db kept & what do I need to
> do with it?

You can ignore the pending requests if you like, but you will have to copy 
a blank one into the new lists (or use the blank one that is already there).

The pending requests are either folks wanting to subscribe to the list or 
messages waiting to be approved.  If they are messages waiting to be 
approved, you will find copies in the old ~mailman/data directory.  Read 
the files in there, and if something is worth passing on, simply drop a 
note to the sender of the message telling them to re-submit as the mail was 
not delivered properly.

Good Luck with the setup.

Jon Carnes

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