[Mailman-Users] ? web interface not working

Kelemen Zoltan keli at kmdsz.ro
Sun Feb 10 23:56:13 CET 2002

Hi. I installed mailman 2.0.8. on RedHat 7.2 with apache, and everything's fine, Mailman is running without problems, except that the web interface does not work- it's there, I can see it, but if I fill out ANY mailman form (incl. passwords for admin pages, user-info updates etc...), the next page (wich should 'respond' to the form ) acts like if it hasn't gotten anything from the previous form...

it this sounds a bit confusing, try it yourselves: 
and try to subscribe for example. It will (probably) tell you that you must supply an email address and a password whatever you entered (or not) there...

Actually, it doesn't work the way it's supposed to work... but after I took a look at a page's source, and then tried to access the URL of the "action" of the form, with all the variables as a GET query , it works...

Example: instead of entering the password 'teszt' in the proper 'box' on http://www.kmdsz.ro/mailman/admin/teszt I've written in the locator bar the address: http://www.kmdsz.ro/mailman/admin/teszt?adminpw=teszt 

anybody have a clue?

 best regards,

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