[Mailman-Users] moderated list and administrator

Matthias Jaenichen mj at percomp.de
Mon Feb 11 11:29:15 CET 2002

At 11:11 11.02.02 +0100, Solignani Tiziano wrote:
>         How come in moderated list posts from administrator needs 
> approval from the
>administrator itself? Do you know if there is a workaround for this? I have
>a list which I would like to use for announcement only, so that I set it to
>moderated (each post requires approval), but every time I post something I
>have to get on line and to approve my own post... Is there a wat to define
>an email address which never requires approval? Or to let mailman recognize
>the administrator's address? Thank you for your attention.

But you accept, that EVERYONE could then fake your adress and send e-mail 
to that list?


Matthias Jänichen

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