[Mailman-Users] auto-rejecting non-subscriber posts

WJCarpenter bill-mailman at carpenter.ORG
Tue Feb 12 19:23:43 CET 2002

[[This is so irritating (after a while) that I can't believe it's not
a more popular gripe.  Feel free to rub my nose in the obvious

I help run a very low volume mailing list.  Most days, there are no
postings.  Sometimes weeks can go by with no postings.  Every day,
though, we get lots of spam.  On weekends, it's at least a couple
dozen a day.  All of this spam gets trapped by the "members only" list

So far, so good.

It's sort of tedious to go through the web interface to clear out
50-100 spams.  Click, scroll, click, scroll, ... fall asleep, click,
scroll, ....

I wish one of these things were available:

1.  A configuration setting that would automatically "reject"
non-member postings, just as if I had gone through the web interface
and selected "reject" for each message.  (We don't want to
automatically "discard" non-member posts because we do get the
occasional legit non-member posting.  That's the same reason we don't
run a spam filter that silently discards traffic.)


2.  A configuration setting that would automatically mark non-member
postings as "reject" instead of "defer" in the web interface.  That
way, we'd just have to do one submit to clear out the crap and then
could easily see if there was something interesting in the queue.

So, is there anything like either of those in some place I haven't
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