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Eric Baker eric at imountaindesign.com
Tue Feb 12 18:16:17 CET 2002

I've just had a number of sites migrated to a new server using the Mailman list software. The new software has a lot of nice features, but I'd like a more basic list program. I just need for people to be able to subscribe and unsubscribe. I'd like the list administrator to be the ONLY one to be able to email the list, reaching all the list subscribers and the admin. being the only one who can read the list and make changes to subscribers. Subscribers are NOT allowed to post to the list. This would now be a discussion list or even a forum, with the admin. being able to control the postings. This is too much. I need a simple list program on this new server.

Can you help? Do you have stripped-down version? Can I tweak the current version of Mailman (2.0.8) on this server? 
Thank you.

iMountain Inc.
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