[Mailman-Users] Minor Mailman problem

Bob Sully rcs at malibyte.net
Wed Feb 13 01:56:53 CET 2002

I received the monthly reminder from mailman earlier this month 
regarding the two mailing lists that I administer.  I noted an 
error in the message, as follows:

"If you have questions, problems, comments, etc, send them to
mailman-owner at localhost.localdomain.  Thanks!"

There's no problem with the domain name anywhere else.  Messages 
get through to the lists and the admin stuff is dealt with 

I'm running 2.0.8-1 on RedHat Linux 7.2/kernel 2.4.9.

Any help in pinpointing the problem will be appreciated...thanks!

-- Bob --
Bob Sully - Simi Valley, California, USA

"The weather is here - wish you were beautiful." - J. Buffett

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