[Mailman-Users] auto-rejecting non-subscriber posts

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Tue Feb 12 23:41:24 CET 2002

Interesting.  That wouldn't be too hard to write up...  For my purposes I
just toss anything that gets held and I like that setup, but I can see your

Still the real solution here is to stop spam from entering your site period.
You should look at using the RBL and a few other anti-spaming tools.  These
are all part of your MTA.  And really that is where anti-spam measure really
should be taken...

Jon Carnes (just one man's opinion...)
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> [[This is so irritating (after a while) that I can't believe it's not
> a more popular gripe.  Feel free to rub my nose in the obvious
> solution.]]
> I help run a very low volume mailing list.  Most days, there are no
> postings.  Sometimes weeks can go by with no postings.  Every day,
> though, we get lots of spam.  On weekends, it's at least a couple
> dozen a day.  All of this spam gets trapped by the "members only" list
> option.
> So far, so good.
> It's sort of tedious to go through the web interface to clear out
> 50-100 spams.  Click, scroll, click, scroll, ... fall asleep, click,
> scroll, ....
> I wish one of these things were available:
> 1.  A configuration setting that would automatically "reject"
> non-member postings, just as if I had gone through the web interface
> and selected "reject" for each message.  (We don't want to
> automatically "discard" non-member posts because we do get the
> occasional legit non-member posting.  That's the same reason we don't
> run a spam filter that silently discards traffic.)
> -or-
> 2.  A configuration setting that would automatically mark non-member
> postings as "reject" instead of "defer" in the web interface.  That
> way, we'd just have to do one submit to clear out the crap and then
> could easily see if there was something interesting in the queue.
> So, is there anything like either of those in some place I haven't
> looked?
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