[Mailman-Users] Is this possible?

Robin Lynn Frank rlfrank at paradigm-omega.com
Wed Feb 13 15:41:37 CET 2002

We have Mailman installed on a Mandrake Linux 8.1.  We have been testing 
internally on our LAN as a local mailing list and it works as advertised.

Now, here comes the really strange question.  Our office is in a very remote 
area and uses solar power as its sole source of electricity.  For that 
reason, 24/7 computer operation and static IP addresses are not possible.  We 
have the usual hosted web and mail services.  The email client used here is 
capable of redirecting mail to a specific address (ie., 
list at paradigm-omega.com) to a local address such as list at localhost..  My 
question is can anyone tell me if this approach will work, or if there is a 
better way??  TIA!
Robin Lynn Frank
Director of Operations
Paradigm-Omega, LLC

Current Linux kernel 2.4.8-26mdk uptime: 1 hour 0 minutes.
(This computer runs on solar power.
Do not look for long uptimes.)
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