[Mailman-Users] changing request of subscription result page

John W Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Thu Feb 14 17:50:51 CET 2002

At 21:02 +0100 2/13/2002, Solignani Tiziano wrote:
>"Confirmation from your email address is required, to prevent anyone from
>subscribing you without permission. Instructions are being sent to you at
>tiziolonne at libero.it. Please note your subscription will not start until you
>confirm your subscription. "
>I went to etc/mailman, saw the templates but it seems that text is provided
>by a variable.
>Do you know where I can change it?
>This is English and confuses some users of mine...

The confirmation process confuses a significant number of
English-as-a-first-language people as well.

Not so much the above from the web page, but the message which requests
confirmation, which has both a subject and a beginning of the body which
can easily be read to mean "this is a confirmation of your subscription".
[If one reads the whole message, there's no confusion, but it's really
rather too easy to read a little and think..."Oh good, I've subscribed.
I'm done."]

We modified the email message for our purposes; I think things are improved
in Mailman 2.1.  You might want to subscribe to the "Playground" list at

Also note that Mailman 2.1 has had a lot of internationalization work done
on it.  It is coming soon.

Iscriviti a Playground completando il seguente modulo.
   Ti verrà inviato un messaggio con richiesta di conferma, per evitare che
terzi possano cancellarti senza il tuo consensoQuesta è una lista pubblica,
questo significa che la lista dei membri è aperta a chiunque (ma noi
oscuriamo gli indirizzi affinchè non siano facilmente identificabili dagli

(I don't know whether the accented characters will make it through.)

John Baxter   jwblist at olympus.net      Port Ludlow, WA, USA

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