[Mailman-Users] Privacy Settings in the Administrative Interface

David Kleber davekle at city-net.com
Fri Feb 15 16:38:01 CET 2002

I've been running my first mail list with version 2.0.8 for about 8 months
and I'm having a hard time understanding the proper privacy settings.

Here's the way I need to have my list set up:

I only want to give a few people posting privileges to my list WITHOUT the
messages being held for approval.  I want the rest of the list subscribers
to be
able to post, but I DO want their posts to be held for approval.

Could someone please tell me what the proper combination of settings would
be in the General Posting Filter section under the Privacy Settings in the
Administrative Interface?

    - Must posts be approved by an administrator? [yes or no]

    - Restrict posting privilege to list members? [yes or no]

    - And of course I understand that I will need to list the specific
e-mail addresses in the "Addresses of members accepted for posting to this
list without implicit approval requirement" field.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

-Dave Kleber, KB3FXI

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