[Mailman-Users] Unsubscribe without knowing the password?

Amit Shanker amit at shaktipro.com
Thu Feb 14 10:45:57 CET 2002


I am new to Mailman. I am trying to setup the list for a Newsletter where I
would be subscribing (mass subscribing) people from an existing database.
I do not plan to send them a welcome message ( and therefore the password
does not reach them)

I want to allow the members to unsubscribe from the list if they send the
"unsubscribe" mail to the list.
I am able to do this but that option requires the members to know the
password also and therefore they have to send a mail with subject like:
unsubscribe <password>

I do not want them to work with passwords. ie. If they send a mail from
their mail account with "unsubscribe" or "remove" in the subject it should
I plan to add the following line in the footer of the mail message
To unsubscribe :
mailto:elearning-news-request at shaktipro.com?subject=unsubscribe

Please let me know how I can do this.


PS: I do not want the members to go to website and first request the

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