[Mailman-Users] Mailman and NFS

c9707044 at dcc.online.pt c9707044 at dcc.online.pt
Thu Feb 14 19:46:00 CET 2002

I there :)

I´ve installed mailman in my MTA machine and I exported it by nfs to my 
webserver (so I have a mailman link in my document root t o/home/net/mailman)
everything looked fine until i noticed that the pipermail archive didn´t work. 
So when I went looking for the problem, I noticed that the link inside public 
archives was red (meaning that wasn´t liking anything).
Is this beacause of nfs exporting or because when trying to make the aliases 
the file that it should update is not the one on the webserver but the one on 
the MTA machine. I really don´t understand how this should be done, because I 
must have to separated machines!

So, anyone can help me?


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