[Mailman-Users] messages stuck and not going out...

aaron aaron at mutualaid.org
Mon Feb 18 03:51:46 CET 2002

> > The solution to my problem was to make the following changes to
> >
> > - turn on accept_unresolvable_domains.
> Be careful!!  This is an invitation to some significant
> headaches.  A friend of mine found his mail server was being used
> as a relay by most of the People's Republic of China (literally
> about 10,000 messages per hour through his little Pentium-200
> mail server) until he shut this option OFF.

This doesn't allow anyone to relay off of my server, it just tells sendmail
that it can accept mail for domains that it can no resolve... it does not
effect who can relay off my host, just what they can relay.

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