[Mailman-Users] configlist with password

Mark T. Valites valites at geneseo.edu
Mon Feb 18 16:01:02 CET 2002

I rolled a big mailman upgrade this weekend that fixed my corrupted 
dbs.  Since I was used to using the mmsite password, I never thought to 
check whether the original list passwd was saved with configlist -o.  To 
my dismay & just a few phones calls, I find it is not.  I found that I 
could feed the old encrypted passwd back into config_list -i and make it 
work.  Whipping up some quick shell looping, I was able to create a 
directory of files listname-passwd of the format: password = 


password =  '\261\271\251r\314\330\311b\244s\220\233\227\000~\264'

Feeding this into another for loop, I got several lists in, but then all 
the config_lists started to hang.  The example above is one that did so 
(this is a real passwd.  If anyone decrypts it, who knows what it'll 
be...)  I found the majority of them hung.  Is there something wrong 
with the format of the file?  escape or special characters?

Is there a better way to do what I am trying to do?  Anyway to make 
config_list do what I want?

 >--))> >--))>
Mark T. Valites
Unix Systems Analyst
1 College Circle - 124b1 South Hall
SUNY Geneseo
Geneseo, NY 14454

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