[Mailman-Users] Subscriber options

Paul Croft paul at paulsfunhouse.com
Mon Feb 18 18:28:33 CET 2002


I am in the process of moving some rather large announce only lists from 
Topica to my own server using Mailman.  I have looked for solutions to my 
problems but cannot find them...so I am going to ask here and hope someone 
can help me.

Currently I see that I can veiw 30 subscribers at a time...is there anyway 
to view more?  One of my lists has in excess of 20,000 subscribers and 
looking at them 30 at a time is too difficult to handle!

Is there a search feature for subcribers so that I could search for 
joe at joesdomain.com and be instantly taken to the options for that user?

In addition to the above...is there an easy way to unsubscribe users 
without having to use the password feature?  With large lists 
administrating using a password is very hard...especially with clueless 
users!  ;)

My lists are humour related and all opt-in...but I KNOW that someone is 
going to demand that I unsubscribe them...if I have to search through 
20,000 subs 30 at a time...that is way too tedious!

Thanks in advance for your answers.


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