[Mailman-Users] From: vs. Sender: and MS Outlook

Jessica Koeppel jessica at anticlockwise.com
Tue Feb 19 04:25:03 CET 2002

Oh no. I've just discovered that Outlook replies to the "Sender:"
field, over the "From:" field in many situations. It uses "From:" when
you hit "Reply", but it uses "Sender:" to display the "From:" field in
certain places (only some places! it's crazy!), and worst of all, it
uses Sender: when you respond to Outlook calendar announcements.

This is bad in our environment, where nearly everyone uses Outlook,
and people often send meeting announcement to the all-company list.
Now that I've moved our lists to mailman, all of these calendar responses
go to the list-admin (me!). Yuck.

There's no way I'm going to be able to get these people to stop using
Outlook, so I'm looking for other solutions to this problem. 

Do you think it'd be a *really* bad idea for me to modify mailman
to not include the Sender: field at all?

I realize it's contrary to RFC 822.. But is it actually *bad* in any
practical sense that I'm not realizing?

Does anyone here follow these things and know what Microsoft's
position on this is? It seems pretty clear to me that their using
the "Sender:" header like that is just *wrong*, but maybe I'm
missing something.


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