[Mailman-Users] Web interfase saves no settings or info!

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Tue Feb 19 21:27:08 CET 2002

This is definitely a Frequently Asked Question...  Undoubtedly you are using
Konqueror as your web browser.  Konqueror cannot handle the new cookie
layout (in version 2.0.8).  Since it mis-reads the cookie, the
authentication it sends when you Post is incorrect.  Thus none of your
changes are accepted.

Use Netscape and your problems will be gone.  Newer versions of IE have the
same problem, but the work around for IE is to set the web site with your
Mailman install to "Trusted".  I have no idea why that works... except maybe
it reads in the cookie without filtering it for bad things.

Jon Carnes
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> Hi. I've setup mailman a couple other time in the past year and it worked
> flawlessly except for a few tiny things that were worked out. I've
> 2.0.8 on a new (Mandrake Linux) system just yesterday.
> It all installed fine as always, and I made lists and sent some mails to
> So it appeared to work. So I went to the web interface to start to
> them and add the users to the lists. Here's where the problem started. I
put in
> all the info and hit "Submit Your Changes" and it went to that next page
> normal but none of my changes were accepted. So I tried non-useradd
features and
> the same thing happened... nothing was saving! I've checked permissions to
> sure the mailman group had access to all the files in his home directory.
I even
> decided to start from scratch and completely reinstall but that produced
> same results. I can't imagine that there is something so drastically
> from my old installs (of 2.0.6) compared to now that I can't figure it
out. Can
> anyone make any suggestions?
> I have gone through all of the web & mailman logs and they are reporting
> errors related to the mailman account or directories or permissions. It
> appears perfectly correct.
> Please advise.
> -ted
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