[Mailman-Users] Web interface saves no settings or info!

Morgan Fletcher morgan at hahaha.org
Tue Feb 19 22:31:04 CET 2002

Ted M Harapat <ted-mailman at mob.net> writes:
> > > It all installed fine as always, and I made lists and sent some mails
> > > to them.  So it appeared to work. So I went to the web interface to
> > > start to configure them and add the users to the lists. Here's where
> > > the problem started.  I put in all the info and hit "Submit Your
> > > Changes" and it went to that next page as normal but none of my
> > > changes were accepted. So I tried non-useradd features and the same
> > > thing happened... nothing was saving!
> Actually, I am using IE 6.x for this. 

Try deleting your mailman-generated cookies and emptying your cache(s).

I am serving a list for a virtual domain. I've got apache and postfix set
up to serve the domain properly, including http://domain.xxx/mailman and
http://www.domain.xxx/mailman, and I've told the list to "prefer" that host
name and to use http://www.domain.xxx/mailman for the base URL.

When I tried accessing that URL using the "real" hostname, the cookies
broke and I had to delete them and empty my cache.

Let me know if you'd like anything from my config files.

FWIW, I'm using Mozilla 0.9.8 on Linux.


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