[Mailman-Users] Commands via email?

Ben Kempner ben at jibemedia.com
Tue Feb 19 22:15:44 CET 2002

I tried this several times and never got an email back.  I've checked
everything three times it seems like, but nothing seems to work to get it to
send me help.

Do you know another way I can find out the commands?

Much appreciated,

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> "Ben Kempner" <ben at jibmedia.com> writes:
> > Where can I find documentation (or can anyone tell me?) on how to
> > unsubscribe/subscribe people to my mailing list via emails instead
> > of the web-interface?
> Send a mail to the listname-request at mailman.server address with the
> word "help" in to the body or subject. Only "help". In the answer you
> get the instuctions. It's only for listmembers, not for listadmins.
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