[Mailman-Users] dumb question

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Tue Feb 19 23:27:10 CET 2002

Larry Kostmayer wrote:

> I'm pretty sure I know that answer to this, but I need to ask to be sure.
> Is it possible to run Mailman on one machine and the MTA (sendmail) on
> another?

    It is, although this isn't necessarily a mailman setup issue, but more an
MTA's issue.  I have a specific server I use for outgoing messages and one for

    scanner    ---->   mailman    ---->   outgoing
    server             server             server

    All the machines are running an MTA, setup as follows:

    scanner server uses the MTA's internal forwarding to the mailman server for
    mailman server uses the MTA's smart relay to drop outgoing messages onto
the outgoing server which then delivers to the world.

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