[Mailman-Users] Bouncing

Paul Croft paul at paulsfunhouse.com
Wed Feb 20 00:11:55 CET 2002

Hi All

Okay...sent my first message to my Mailman list today that was transferred 
from Topica...I had a bunch of bouncing members at Topica...but I added 
them anyway because I have heard that some of the "free" list servers 
bouncing routines don't work too well....anyway it has resulted in me 
getting quite a few bounce notices direct to my mailbox from the various 
members whose mailboxes are full!

Isn't Mailman supposed to handle the bouncers for you?  Why are they coming 
to me?  Is there a setting that I can change...or is this something that I 
am going to have to deal with?



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