[Mailman-Users] send digest command

Michael Johnson johnsonamichael at qwest.net
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Always helps to help oneself and do a bit of reading.


Cron scripts
Mailman comes with a number of scripts that are typically only run by cron.
However, it is generally okay for the site administrator to run these
scripts manually, say to force a sending of accumulated digests, or to mail
out member passwords, etc. You generally run these by invoking the Python
executable on them, like so:
% cd /home/mailman
% python -S cron/senddigests

The -S option is an optimization and (minor) security recommendation; it
inhibits Python's implicit import site on initialization. Not all of these
scripts support the --help option. Here is a brief description of what the
cron scripts do:

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> Is it possible to force a digest somehow? Like with a command either
> sent over email or directly out of cron on the box?
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