[Mailman-Users] Web interface saves no settings or info!

Ted M Harapat ted-mailman at mob.net
Thu Feb 21 03:24:48 CET 2002

Solution Found!

Okay, I found what was wrong after playing with nearly countless area of the 
system. I had set DEFAULT_URL in mm_cfg.py to be:

DEFAULT_URL         = 'http://virtualhost.mydomain.net/'

instead of

DEFAULT_URL         = 'http://virtualhost.mydomain.net/mailman/'

As soon as I changed it to that, it was as if all the scripts and tools 
magically started working even though I had added a number of 
Redirect/ScriptAlias/Alias lines in apache's conf files before to make sure that 
they were accessing it. 

I had it set that original config to hopefully direct anyone to 
http://virtualhost.mydomain.net (instead of http://nonvirtual.mydomain.net) 
thinking that somewhere there'd be a URL that would send them to the opening 
page of my list-server's virtual website instead of to the mailman subdirectory. 
Apparently this is a required setting. I'm not even sure why they give me the 
option to change it considering the consequences.... but whatever the reason, 
I've switched it back and now its all working and I've been working on getting 
all my lists in place for good. 

Thank you to the 5 or 6 people who were kind enough to offer many suggestions 
and send me conf files to try out on my system. I really appreciate the support 
(even though it didn't pinpoint this setting that I missed). Hopefully my 
Solution post will lead someone else down the right track in the future.


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