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Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Thu Feb 21 03:29:26 CET 2002

This is probably best discussed off-list, but...

Yes, Mailman can handle that kind of load.  I run it on a few servers that 
are ancient and handle 8,000 to 20,000 messages/day with no problems, and 
I've setup a few servers that do ~50,000 messages/day and scarcly notice the 

We have discussed (in this group) the maintainence and setup of large Mailman 
lists quite thoroughly.  I'm an advocate of using decent hardware with a SCSI 
disk subsystem for the hardware side, and then using an optimized MTA like 
Postfix to push the mail around the internet. 

Currently Mailman does its digests based on size (and date).  You set a 
threshold value like 300kb and once the amount of accumulated messages reach 
that value (or it's the end of the day), Mailman sends out the Archive 
message.  The threshold value is set in the Web-Admin interface, and if you 
want to send out an archive every 10 messages, then you would have to use the 
average message size and multiply by 10. 

You can tweak this - after all its open source... of course the more 
tweaking, the longer the install, and the more cost to you.

The current non-beta version of Mailman (v2.0.8) supports static variables in 
the Archive headers but does not add a different header to each Archive 
message - However this is easily modified in the code.  What sort of header 
message do you want added to each archive?

Jon Carnes
On Wednesday 20 February 2002 08:17 pm, Bill Phillips wrote:
> Hi Chris and Jon,
> Thanks very much for getting back to me.
> Jon, I'm hoping you can tell me a bit about Mailman and its limitatins.  If
> we could use it the way we desire, I would contract you to set it up for
> us. Can we impliment Mailman for up to 100 lists with with up to 30,000
> subscribers?  Some of the lists have a lot of traffic, maybe 50 messages
> per day while others have just a few.  Our biggest list is about 4,000 --
> that's the list that gets 50 messages a day.
> We would like to set the digest to a set number of messages, say 10 and
> insert different header messages in each digest.
> Thanks again,
> Bill Phillips
> home - 312-492-7351
> our site is www.worldwit.org

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