[Mailman-Users] Web interface saves no settings or info!

Scott Spence scott at noggon.com
Thu Feb 21 12:43:20 CET 2002

I got  --with-ownername and  --with-ownergroup from the INSTALL file:


 - Add a new user called `mailman'.  Typically this is added to
      your /etc/passwd file.  If username `mailman' is already in use,
      choose something else unique and see the --with-ownername flag

    - Add a new group called `mailman'.  Typically this is added to
      your /etc/group file.  The Mailman files will be installed under
      the `mailman' group, with the set-group-id bit.  This is so both
      the web based and mail based programs will have the proper write
      permissions.  If groupname `mailman' is already in use, choose
      something else unique and see the --with-ownergroup below.


However looking again there is nothing further "below" - perhaps this is a
mistake in the docs?

Perhaps these should be (respectively):

  --with-username       specify a user name other than "mailman"
  --with-groupname      specify a group name other than "mailman"

This INSTALL file *MUST* be wrong - surely??

Note taken about the HOST directive and double '--prefix'. I must have
been getting desperate!

I have made all necessary changes - taking into consideration the above
and other suggestions you made: I still get the following error in the web
error log:

Permission denied: '/var/lib/mailman/logs/error'

I go though changing these permissions and get the same problem (ie
basically SGID is not working..), I am at the conslusion that the issue is
with my fstab - I think it must have 'defaults' set not JUST 'rw' I am
however in Spain at the moment and the server is in the UK - I will wait
until I am closer *just in case*

If you have any further suggestions please let me know. I will create a
bug report about the INSTALL docs unless you have another idea..


> cross-compiler.  And you only need --prefix once.  And with the above
> configuration, your crontask _must_ be owned by mail:mail, nor
> mailman:mailman.

you mean "or" not "nor"  right?-----------------------------^^^^^

Cheers - Thanks so much for you help with this! (I am bald now)


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