[Mailman-Users] Moderated list: admin vs moderator

Marcel Hicking hicking at du.gtn.com
Fri Feb 22 09:32:13 CET 2002

Paul-Catalin Oros <paul-l at integration.qc.ca> 21 Feb 2002 at 

> On Thu, 21 Feb 2002, Marcel Hicking wrote:
> > Hmm, sort of. I was thinking about using the implicit email
> > adress posting allowed thing, but since From etc header can
> > be most easily faked, I don't think this is very secure?
> > What do you think?
> I don't think Mailman in its current incarnation can do more than that. So you
> would probably have to ressort to external filters. An idea would be to build
> a system that does digital signatures verification. Or if you want something
> simpler, just use a filter that checks for a certain header to be present,
> then forwards the email to the list. Of course, you should drop the header
> before it gets to the list. All other emails would be silently dropped.

Although, this is would mean the security depends on
no one knowing the "secret" header line. Not much I
would trust in... An if I go into pre-filtering the
postings with procmail, I'd prefer proper gpg sigs 
then. Should be ok for low volume lists, but I 
agree that this is actually not the idea of an
"intergrated" maillist manager. 

Any ideas if 2.1 would go further than this?

Cheers, Marcel

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