[Mailman-Users] I need help

Roger Wagner roger at faccat.br
Fri Feb 22 20:24:23 CET 2002

 I need help for run the mailman. The error: 
" Delivery exception: EOF read where object expected
  traceback (innermost last):
    File: "./usrlib/mailman/Mailman/handlers/Hold.py", line 177, in process
    File: "./usrlib/mailman/Mailman/handlers/Hold.py", line 218, in in 
    File: "./usrlib/mailman/Mailman/Listadmin.py", line 144, in HoldMessage
    File: "./usrlib/mailman/Mailman/Listadmin.py", line 69, in __opendb
EOFError: EOF read where object expected "

My Mailman is a Version 2.0.8, released on Nov 27 2001.

Thanks RW

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