[Mailman-Users] mailman 2.0.8 problems

Morgan Fletcher morgan at hahaha.org
Sat Feb 23 00:59:22 CET 2002

Thomas Hillson <hillson at iastate.edu> writes:
> The first involves qrunner, what happens is that a list gets locked and no
> mail will go through it. 

Tom, when I first moved my 1800-member list to mailman, it had upwards of
200 dead addresses. Those 200 dead addresses caused a lot of bounces, and
for some reason the bounces seemed to reach critical mass, wedging the CPU
and causing qrunner to abend. Qrunner was in cron, subsequent qrunner
attempts started stacking up in the locks directory. First thing I did was
to comment the qrunner cron job.

I sent email to all 1800 addresses with a script: "I am getting ready to
change the list, here's the status." (et cetera) I got back about 250
bounces, and I removed those addresses with bin/remove_members. Then I
carefully deleted all the bounces from the qfiles directory, one *.msg/*.db
pair at a time. I made sure no qrunner or other mailman processes were
running, cleaned out all the locks and ran qrunner. It's been humming along
at one-minute intervals since with no problems. List is ~1620 addresses,
about 100 messages a day, none larger than 30kb.


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