[Mailman-Users] Mailman running berzerk ... :-(

Garry Glendown garry at mrbean.insider.org
Fri Feb 22 10:57:27 CET 2002

OK, before I start - I had Mailman 2.0beta something set up for quite a
while, running several lists without any problems ... yesterday, I moved
a list with 650+ members to this machine ... so far, so good - I sent a
mail out, which worked fine, too ... except that after it was sent, it
was sent again. And again. And again. After about 4 1/2 runs, I stopped
sendmail, removed the list's aliases-entries.
This morning, I installed 2.0.8 into the same location, and the web
interface had 2.0.8 as version number, too. Anyway, after leaving for
work, it started again, continuously re-sending the mail from last
night, with same headers, dates, etc ... what is going one? If there an
option somewhere that I accidently activated that says something like
"keep on sending every mail as a line performance test" ?

Tnx, -gg

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