[Mailman-Users] News Gateway not spam

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Sat Feb 23 06:04:25 CET 2002

Mailman is Open Source so you should be able to modify the news to mail 
gateway and change the sender so that it is always <listname>-admin.

Yes, yes, yes.  You believe it is beyond your abilities or it will take a 
monstrous amount of work on your part, alas, but you are wrong.  Take a look 
at the code.  It's very easy to read and edit.

Find the program/script that Mailman uses for the News-to-Mail gateway by 
looking at the Cron entries for the Mailman user.  They are well documented, 
and should identify the script for you.


Now that you know the name of the script and its location, you can back up 
the script and then edit it.  As a first try you might add the following line 
right before the comment: # Post the message to the locked list,

  msg['From'] = "<listname>-admin at mydomain.com"

I've no idea what the msg function is but... Python is increadably logical.

Good luck,
Jon Carnes

On Friday 22 February 2002 06:08 pm, MikeT at scitechsoft.com wrote:
> I am curios how to stop a news group poster from getting spammed
> by my list server.  When he writes the news group that is connected
> to my list server via "Mail-to-News and News-to-Mail gateway
> services."
> Does that make sense?
> In the case a list member of the suspect group is not reachable.
> Can I change the "return-path" of newsgroup postings?  So the
> poster on the news group does not get un-wanted undeliverable
> mail from my list server.
> Thanks in advance for any help!
> Regards
> MikeT
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