[Mailman-Users] Downloading members?

Morgan Fletcher morgan at hahaha.org
Sat Feb 23 23:09:57 CET 2002

Paul Croft <paul at paulsfunhouse.com> writes:
> Is it possible to download my membership into my computer so that I can
> search for members instead of having to go on site for it?  Reason I ask is
> that sometime people don't necessarily know their email address when they
> complain to you...but by reading headers you can usually find the
> address...I find it much easier to search off-line than on the site!

If you have shell access to the machine, do something like this:

  ~mailman/bin/list_members listname > /tmp/listname

Then you can scp or ftp /tmp/listname to your machine and do whatchalike.


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