[Mailman-Users] Digest Problems

James A. Harrod jaharrod at cox.net
Sun Feb 24 01:18:02 CET 2002

Hello Group-

I am a new administrator for a Mailman list which has been set up at 
the University of California, Irvine, to run a jazz discussion list. 
The original list ran using ezmlm software, but the server was hacked 
severely in January.  Attempts to get ezmlm running again were 
unsuccessful and the programmer responsible for setting us up chose 
to go with Mailman -- which I find to be an excellent alternative, 
much more user friendly with great features like the web interface 
and automatic archiving of messages.

Some of our members who are subscribed in the digest mode are having problems.

Here is a sample complaint:

"Is anyone else experiencing the inconvenience of having to download the jwc
digest and then having to unzip the mime coded attachment to be downloaded? 
One winds up with a series individual files, each of which has to be opened
to read the individual message.  I think possibly this may happening only to
AOL users.  It started after we came back to the UCI system a few days ago."

and another non aol user:

"I subscribed to the digest, but rather than getting a packet of 
messages, I get a bundle of attachments. If I want to read the 
messages, I have to open the attachments one by one, hardly the 
convenience a digest should produce. What am I doing wrong?"

I double checked and the digest preference is set to "plain text", 
and not mime.

I have also noticed that the same message received as an individual 
post appears in the digest mode with lots of html type code 
cluttering the message.  Does this stem from the individual sending 
the message and how they have their email software configured?


Jim Harrod
Jazz West Coast List Moderator
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