[Mailman-Users] Not receiving bounced e-mail

Michael Mendelson mmendelson at obee.intown.biz
Sun Feb 24 02:13:34 CET 2002

I've been testing at my site, and so far I LOVE it.  However, I'm working on
one or possibly two problems.

First, the "MYSTERY USER"
One user has signed up but does not receive his confirmation notice.  I can
send e-mails to him directly at the same address.  I have tried this both on
the list's "General page" and from the admin console.

Second (possibly related) "NOT RECEIVING BOUNCED E-MAIL"
As a list administrator I never receive bounced e-mails, even when I sign up
a garbage address.  I have toyed with the Bounce Options, especially "Try to
figure out error messages automatically?", with the same result.  Entries
appear in the Bounced log, but I don't get the detail I need to figure out
my first problem.

All other features work great.  I need to sort out this problem(s) before
really using the product.

My mail server is qmail.

Thanks, all!

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