[Mailman-Users] missing qfiles .db files - messages don't get sent

Jessica Koeppel jessica at anticlockwise.com
Mon Feb 25 07:41:31 CET 2002

I'm running mailman 2.0.8 on OpenBSD 2.9, with Python 2.0.

I noticed that my qrunner log file was getting big - it was
full of errors like this:

Feb 24 21:08:37 2002 (26363) Exception reading qfile: /local/mailman/qfiles/bdc2a3863d4738f59ad367ba32b011997f9db914
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/local/mailman/qfiles/bdc2a3863d4738f59ad367ba32b011997f9db914.db'

Indeed, there is no .db file, but there *is* a .msg file.

mailman at mail2:~/qfiles>ls -l bdc2a3863d4738f59ad367ba32b011997f9db914.msg 
-rw-rw-r--  1 mailman  mailman  214866 Feb 23 11:53 bdc2a3863d4738f59ad367ba32b011997f9db914.msg

And there is, in the qrunner log earlier in time, a message to this

Feb 23 11:53:02 2002 (21034) Unlinking orphaned .db file: /local/mailman/qfiles/bdc2a3863d4738f59ad367ba32b011997f9db914.db

I've now got about 25 of these .msg files with no .db files.

In each case, the message contained in .msg has NOT been sent to
the list! Yikes. We've missed some important messages, it looks like.

But at least I've still got these .msg files. The questions I have

1) is there any way to recreate the .db files, or in any other manner, 
get these messages sent out? 

2) does anyone know why this might be happening, and what I can
do to prevent it?

I'm wondering if perhaps whatever's writing the .db and .msg files
is writing the .db first, and then the .msg, and qrunner is occasionally
catching that a .db exists with out a .msg, removing the .db, then
the .msg gets written out, getting left all alone without its .db.

It does look like Message.py writes the .db first, then the .msg,
so maybe this is indeed what's happening? I'm not entirely sure if
Message.py is the only place these files are written, nor am I sure
how/when/where the stuff in Message.py is called/used. I'm hoping
someone already knows what's going on here - or is more familiar
with the code and can give me a hand.

I'm tempted to change Message.py to write the .msg first.

But even if I've correctly identified the source of the problem
and I make this change and this prevents the problem from recurring
in the future - I've still got a whole bunch of messages in .msg
files that need to go out.


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