[Mailman-Users] moderated list: can only view 6-7K of message!

Kirez Korgan kirez at cornell.edu
Mon Feb 25 08:33:06 CET 2002

(I mistakenly sent this email to Christopher Kolar first...)

My list managers are asking me why they can only see 6-7 K of a message
through the mailman web interface. They need to be able to see the whole
message to decide whether to approve it or not (moderated lists).

Right now they're forwarding the messages to themselves, reading the whole
thing, then going back to the MailMan web interface to approve/discard. This
is extremely frustrating for them.

Can we change this? Is there a solution to this problem? I read the
manager's documentation... it says, in "Other Administrative Activities":

"2.  When you operate a moderated list, you will use this feature to accept
or reject postings following the same guidelines as for non-members postings

...so that's completely unhelpful...


Kirez Korgan, owner, wetheliving.com

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