[Mailman-Users] webmail issues

webmaster webmaster at carpemail.com
Mon Feb 25 17:27:56 CET 2002

Hello, i am starting a webmail service, we are using  webumake mail 
to serve this service. 

My service is aimed at a niche market in which yahoo groups are 
popular, but webumake mail does not work with yahoo groups, but 
webumake support claim it will work will Mailman.

I have setup a test list and tried this, although i have been able to 
register and receive the confirmation email, it fails to register new 
user and account cannot receive email from list.

The list does work as i have signed up with normal pop account, 
webumake give the following reasons why it will not work:

The problem is that email received into the catchall account must 
have the intended recipient somewhere in the email header for 
WebUMake Mail (and any such web-based email product, for that matter) 
to determine who the email is intended for. Unfortunately, some 
mailing list software persists in defying RFC's and doesn't 
provide the recipient information in the standard headers. We have 
developed a method to check the last Received: header element and 
check it for the "for" text that on most SMTP servers contains the 
recipient (though this isn't where it should appear, it should 
_always_ be in the To: or Cc: fields according to RFC's).

If your mail is not being received into WebUMake then the last 
Received: header record is not being formatted with a "for" statement 
for the intended recipient by your SMTP server either and so the 
product has no way of knowing who the email is for.

If you can configure mailman to send the emails and include the 
recipient in the To: field, or configure your SMTP server to 
specifying the "for" element of the Received: header record then 
WebUMake Mail will pick it up.

Is there any particular setting i have to change?

many thanks 
webmaster, webmaster at carpemail.com on 25/02/2002

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