[Mailman-Users] Config for moderator to edit posts in admindb

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Mon Feb 25 21:02:14 CET 2002

Yes.  Mailman is open source software and is very easy to modify.  Someone
has already made a patch that does exactly that (allows the admin to
view/edit the copy of the message, and then replaces the original message
with the copy).

The original message is in ~mailman/held/..
Each message is stored in a file of the form: heldmsg-<list_name>-xxxx

If you don't want to hack Mailman, you can let your admins edit the files
directly.  You can link this directory to a common access point and give
your admins rights to it (or you can mount it via samba...).  Then your
admins can easily edit the messages directly.

Jon Carnes
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Subject: [Mailman-Users] Config for moderator to edit posts in admindb

> It seems that Mailman makes a copy of a message appear in the admindb, for
> moderators to process (accept or reject).
> My moderators want to EDIT the message, however.
> Is it possible to config Mailman so that they can edit the message through
> the admindb / viewer?
> cheers,
> Kirez
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