[Mailman-Users] Umbrella List Question

Mike Mills mike.mills at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 25 18:43:54 CET 2002

I have an umbrella list that is created from 9 other lists using the
techniques recommended in the FAQ's.  I just realized that when extracting
the members from a list to create the umbrella list that those members who
have the NO MAIL option selected are still included and become members of
the umbrella list.  Bounce management also sets the NO MAIL flag.  Any
suggestions on how to exclude members who have NO MAIL set when building the
Umbrella list?

The script that creates the umbrella list:
#! /bin/sh
export PATH
#lets start with an empty file
echo " " >/tmp/all_list
#now define the lists that comprise the all list
List='list1 list2 list3 list4 list5 list6 list7 list8'
#and now bring them together
for entry in $List
 /usr/local/mailman/bin/list_members $entry >>/tmp/all_list
#now eliminate duplicates
cat /tmp/all_list |sort -u >/tmp/all_all_list
#now update the alllist list
 /usr/local/mailman/bin/sync_members -f /tmp/all_all_list alllist>/dev/null
#and clean up the temp files
rm /tmp/all_list
rm /tmp/all_all_list

Mike Mills
mike.mills at earthlink.net

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