[Mailman-Users] seeking possible new tool

Desert Hawk brooksj at wildhorse.com
Tue Feb 26 05:51:17 CET 2002

With all the site admins here, someone must have come up with a
script to do this already, so I ask here first (that, and I don't
know Python in order to try it myself  :)

Is there a script  equivalent of list_members that one could use 
to print out the real addresses of all the current list admins?

This would make it easier to find out what lists need to be changed
when an admin leaves the company and not have to wade through all
lists to find that out.

Which brings up another question...what happens when the -admin
address becomes invalid?  I have several lists whose owners have
since left my current place of employment (and I am not far behind
them), but where do those bounces end up?

Jo Brooks, Senior Staff Wizard		brooksj at wildhorse dot com
WildHorse.com				"This is a Unix system...I know this!"

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