[Mailman-Users] My Pipermail Archives?

Chris Abraham chrisabraham at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 26 15:50:56 CET 2002

Hi All:

I am a member of iMeme.net and we have supercool access to Mailman accounts and
I have ssh access to that I can enjoy the access to $/home/mailman/bin etc...

Only thing is, I cannot get my archives to work -- ala
http://lists.cultureflux.com/mailman/listinfo/cultureflux -- the link,
http://lists.cultureflux.com/private/cultureflux/ does not exist.

Should I add the rewrite to the .conf file for apache or what?  What should I
look for, what should I check, and how should I debug?

Thanks in advance!


chris abraham <chrisabraham at yahoo.com> +1 202-452-7442 tel
po box 15163 washington, dc 20003-0163 +1 202-478-0276 fax

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