[Mailman-Users] Install problems with Mailman

Simon Richards SimonR at galileosa.co.za
Tue Feb 26 07:48:07 CET 2002

Hi there,

I am trying to get Mailman working on a SuSE 7.3 box, and being a newbie, I
appear to have a few problems, it looks like permission problems somewhere
but i'm not sure, is there anywhere I can get installation support, I have
gone through the install document (a 100 times), but I still can't find the
I may be doing something "newbieish" but I am not sure. 

Any support would be appreciated, of If I could  be pointed to an install
document that is more specific (about the original permissions, or the
Suid's or whatever, before the installation starts


Email: simonr at galileosa.co.za <mailto:simonr at galileosa.co.za> 

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