[Mailman-Users] Web Forum Frontend to Mailinglist

Jerry Stratton jerry at sandiego.edu
Tue Feb 26 23:43:23 CET 2002

>I've searched for information on the Mailman-to-news since I'm 
>looking for a way to allow answering
>list messages from the web also. Is there documentation online about 
>this? Does it require running a
>private news server?

Yes, or at least working with a news provider that allows you to add 
newsgroups--though in the latter case you've got to deal with a wider 

I think what the other poster was recommending was using newsgroups 
*instead* of a web forum. Otherwise, once you've got the newsgroup 
running you still need to create the Usenet-Web gateway software. 
We've done it, but it required programming (I don't know if there are 
any off-the-shelf solutions for Usenet-Web gateways).

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