[Mailman-Users] No such user...

Will Nordmeyer will at willspc.net
Wed Feb 27 03:42:49 CET 2002

Got mailman 2.0.6 installed
Sendmail 8.9.3
Python 2.2
Apache 1.3.6
Created a new list (testlist), 
Added the entries to aliases
## templist mailing list
## created: 26-Feb-2002 mailman
templist:                "|mm_wrapper post templist"
templist-admin:          "|mm_wrapper mailowner templist"
templist-request:        "|mm_wrapper mailcmd templist"
templist-owner:          templist-admin
in /usr/adm/sm.bin mm_wrapper points to /home/mailman/mail/wrapper
Ran newaliases
Did a restart of sendmail
When I e-mail to testlist-admin at mydomain.com
The following entry goes into in my maillog
Feb 26 21:30:03 raq sendmail[8780]: VAA08780:
<testlist-admin at willspc.net>... No such user here
What didn't I do?  What am I missing?  HELP!!! :-D
And on a side note, is there a browser interface for creating a new list
somewhere?  I REALLY would rather not do it manually for each client.
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