[Mailman-Users] Mailman Features

sean at hdnet.org sean at hdnet.org
Wed Feb 27 07:11:23 CET 2002


> sho> The one feature set that seems to be missing is admin commands
> sho> via email.  The most important to me being the moderating via
> sho> email.  Are these in the development version or planned for the
> Yes, Mailman version 2.1 is capable for admin commands via email. You
> can approve/deny any held message or (un)subscription if you reply to
> the listaddress and use the APPROVE: header with the necessary admin
> password.

Now for the next question.  What is the status of Mailman 2.1 like? 
 Is it stable enough to use in a production environment?  I am 
unsure as I have not been following this branch recently.
> The Pipermail is the weakest point of Mailman, you should try another
> archiving software, such as MHonarc or Hypermail. They can do a lot of
> trick and they can co-work with Mailman.

Thanks.  I will look into using it then.  Any suggestion of which 
would be better?  I have used mhonarc before and it works well but 
not sure about Hypermail or their interaction with Mailman.  Which 
set of documentation would I be able to find how to do this in?
Thanks for the help.

Sean Preston      sean at hdnet.org

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