[Mailman-Users] Reply-to address is missing hostname.

Eric Zuck ezuck at nsicomm.com
Wed Feb 27 19:32:51 CET 2002

I am currently using mailman version 2.01.

I am set up on a Linux box (Redhat 7.0): say foobar in domain mydomain.com

Everything is woking pretty much OK.

I can post by sending to list at foobar.mydomain.com

The problem is that when I do a reply (replis are configured as to 'this
list'), the reply goes to:
    list at mydomain.com
When I want them to go to
    list at foobar.mydomain.com

I can get around this by setting an explicit return-to address, but this
doesn't work for the -owner etc. lists.

Is there something dimple that I can do? Something I've overlooked? Some
documentation I haven't read? (If RTFM, which manual?)

-Eric Zuck

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