[Mailman-Users] I Suppose that MailMan doesn't work with IPLANET/NETSCAPE Messaging?

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Wed Feb 27 19:29:55 CET 2002


NMS and iMS are _not_ the same product.  I hate what we (I work for 
Sun) did with the branding.  Most products we simply rebranded iPlanet 
but when it comes to mail that really is not fair and it could be the 
same thing for other products as well.

iMS is the best components of 3 products, PMDF (MTA), SIMS (Domain 
Hosting), and NMS (store,pop,imap,webmail).  Note that SIMS gets its 
MTA from PMDF as well.

>From the other posts that I've read you are using NMS 4.15.  If your 
software license premits it upgrade to iMS as fast as you can.  (iMS 
5.2 may have just RTM'd today.)  I've done such upgrades not hard to 
do.  The learning curve is the MTA.

While I run mailman here at home, due to local issues, it runs on a 
different machine than iMS.  Mailman uses the local MTA (sendmail) 
which then forwards everything off to iMS for delivery.

Eventually I'll migrate the mailman installation I have running over to 
be all iMS.  Majordomo and Mailman have similar interfaces with the MTA 
(wrapper) and since I know that Majordomo has been done with PMDF, I'm 
willing to bet that Mailman can be integrated with iMS.

As for NMS, I am blissfully ignorant about most parts of it.  I know 
many us in Sun can not wait until that product is EOL'd.


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From: Jon Carnes <jonc at haht.com>
Date: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 12:57 pm
Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] I Suppose that MailMan doesn't work with 

> >  Thanks for your comments. At the present I have Iplanet 
> Messaging as
> > Mail server and Apache as WebServer.
> >
> >  The web server component is working Ok. I just followed the
> > instructions.
> >
> >  About the mail server the situation is:
> >
> >   - The aliases for the mailing list are created.
> >   - Every mail for the list is redirected to the wrapper
> >   - I`ve tested the redirection of the mail with another script 
> ... and
> > it worked.
> >   - No error appears on the iplanet logs
> >   - No error appears on the Mailman logs
> >   - UID`s are correct
> I assume you mean GID's here, since mailman does not use UID's but 
> does use
> Group ID's to check for rights...
> >
> > Anyway ... when I send an email to the list, the users never 
> receive it
> > back!
> >
> > Any idea of what can be wrong, or who can I debug the process?
> >
> Did you create a user called mailman and a group called mailman?  
> Did you
> setup the crontab for the user mailman so that it runs qrunner 
> every minute?
> What happens when you run qrunner manually (check out the cron 
> entries for
> the valid format)?
> Jon Carnes
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