[Mailman-Users] Email administration

E. Sterling Wall sterling at sumgai.co.uk
Thu Feb 28 01:33:38 CET 2002


	I am wondering if there is a way to subscribe users as an admin using
an email interface. What I am trying to do is write a script that will
take information from a new member sign up form at one Web site and
subscribe that individual to email lists on a different server. That's
why neither the command line interface nor the Web-based interface
really serve this particular purpose.

	I did mess with the listname-request at server option, but that signs
people up as themselves, and so the request still needs to be approved
by an admin on the Website. The whole point of this is to take out the
extra subscription steps that the volunteer admins are doing now while
still ensuring that the users are going through the correct Membership
Form (ie not subscribing to the listserv without having signed up as a
member of the organization). 

	What I need is an equivalent to the majordomo email command where you
send something like 
subscribe <address> <admin-password> . Does such a thing exist?

- sterling

Sumgai Technology
p. 01628 780738
m. 07880 642194

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