[Mailman-Users] I Suppose that MailMan doesn't work with IPLANET/NETSCAPE Messaging?

Sergio Sousa ssousa at whatevernet.com
Wed Feb 27 12:04:17 CET 2002

> I assume you mean GID's here, since mailman does not use UID's but
> use
> Group ID's to check for rights...

Yes .. I was talking about the GID.

> Did you create a user called mailman and a group called mailman?  Did
> setup the crontab for the user mailman so that it runs qrunner every
> minute?
> What happens when you run qrunner manually (check out the cron entries
> the valid format)?

Yes I did all that ... except run qrunner manually. And the problem was
on the cron daemon. Thanks for all your help.
Now everything is working very well!!

Thanks all,

   		Sergio Sousa

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